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(Extracted from Annual Report 2016)

(As at 31 March 2016)

Authorised Share Capital : RM750,000,000
Issued & Fully Paid-up Capital : RM531,984,598.50 less RM7,795,000.00 Treasury Shares = RM524,189,598.50
Class of Shares : Ordinary Share of RM0.50 each

Voting Right of Shareholders

Every member of the Company present in person or by proxy shall have one vote on a show of hand and in the case of a poll shall have one vote for every share of which he/she is the holder.

Break down of Shareholdings

KPJ Health Shareholdings

Top Thirty Securities Account Holders

(Without aggregating the securities from different securities accounts belonging to the same depositor)

KPJ Health Shareholdings

Substantial Shareholders

KPJ Health Shareholdings

Analysis of Shareholders

KPJ Health Shareholdings

Directors' Shareholding as at 31 March 2016

KPJ Health Shareholdings
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