Corporate Profile

KPJ Healthcare Berhad's (KPJ) business is founded on the vision of being the preferred healthcare provider in the region. We are focused on delivering
world-class quality healthcare services through our wide range of specialised healthcare solutions throughout our regional footprint across five
countries, namely Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh and Australia.

Re-energising KPJ; One Year On


Ahmad Shahizam Bin Mohd Shariff

Dear Stakeholders,

I came onboard as President and Managing Director of KPJ Healthcare in July 2020 during one of the most significant public health crises in recent times. Though times have been challenging for healthcare industry and staff, so far we have managed to pull through and put in a resilient performance over the past year. I am proud of the efforts of our staff, doctors and nurses working in our vaccination centres who are putting in extra effort to help the nation move towards herd immunity.

Only recently in May, KPJ Healthcare celebrated its 40th Anniversary. Starting out with a single hospital in Johor Bahru, the company has grown to become the largest private healthcare group in Malaysia. Today, the company has a total of 28 hospitals across the country, with a new hospital, KPJ Damansara 2 to be added in 2022. The growth of KPJ Group has been tremendous and we are grateful for the support from all our stakeholders who have helped in building KPJ to where it is today. KPJ has also developed a strong commitment to the communities that we serve. Klinik Waqaf An Nur (KWAN), our flagship community outreach programme established in 1998, has also grown significantly, with total of 23 Clinics nationwide, providing low income groups and communities access to affordable, high-quality healthcare.

While we can celebrate our achievements and progress, shifting consumer preferences are set to shake up the global healthcare industry over the next few years and the COVID-19 pandemic has only served to accelerate the pace of change. Consumers are becoming increasingly more involved in health care decision-making while digital innovations and the use of data is set to become a driving force in the sector. The demands of consumers will set in motion the transition to a more patient-centric approach to healthcare delivery. The key question facing us today is what path we will take to adapt changes that lie ahead.

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