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KPJ Healthcare Berhad

A leader in Malaysia's challenging healthcare services industry

Ongoing Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring of internal control effectiveness is appropriately and suffciently done through not only normal daily supervision by immediate supervisors, but also by the Internal Auditors and Quality Auditors, who make both scheduled and surprised audit visits to ensure compliance.

Any discrepancy and irregularity will be reported to the Management for correction and improvement. The Management also monitors the performance of the hospitals and companies through regular meetings and reports.

Separate Evaluations

All hospitals certifed with the MSQH accreditation have to undergo stringent surveillance audit by the respective surveyors and audit teams to ensure compliance.

The Group's Internal Auditors also visits the hospitals from time to time to monitor and evaluate their activities and performance and report back to the Audit Committee quarterly.

As mentioned above, the Group also monitors the effectiveness of internal controls through Borang Peradaban, the declaration form used by employees to report any defciency or dishonest act directly to the Managing Director of the Group.