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Management Discussion & Analysis

Dato' Amiruddin Abdul Satar

A year ago, I had shared about the foreseeable challenges in 2016 and the strategy to overcome them. I had stressed on the need to strengthen KPJ innovative capabilities in our journey to become the leading healthcare provider in Malaysia. The plan was to actively expand our capacity by either building new hospitals or increasing the number of beds. Besides that, we also foresee the importance of enhancing our capabilities by identifying new niches of services.

Against this backdrop, we are pleased to report that we had official opening ceremonies for 3 of our hospitals and also groundbreaking events for 3 other hospitals. The 3 hospitals which we had officially launched were the KPJ Sabah, KPJ Bandar Maharani and KPJ Pahang Specialist Hospitals whilst the groundbreaking was for the future KPJ Miri, KPJ Batu Pahat and KPJ Kluang Specialist Hospitals. This is part of our effort to increase our capabilities which will result in improvement of our performance and revenue.

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