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Dato' Amiruddin Abdul Satar

Dear shareholders, i am pleased to deliver KPJ's management discussion and analysis, describing our many achievements throughout the year under review.

The year 2017 saw us facing a myriad of challenges within a dynamically shifting private healthcare landscape, both on the global and domestic fronts. Among the main drivers of change were consumer sentiments driven by economic factors and greater competition.

Nevertheless, economic forecasts have shown signs of recovery, with the Malaysian economy expanding strongly by as much as 5.9% for the year, supported by domestic demand, particularly through private sector spending. This has been an excellent driver for the resilient Malaysian private healthcare industry.

Against this backdrop, KPJ's strengthening position was evident in several respects. KPJ's solid strategies delivered on our strategic intent of continuous growth and profitability, to achieve a market capitalisation of RM4.1 billion at end of 2017.

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