Investor Relations

KPJ Healthcare Berhad (KPJ) is one of the leading private healthcare providers in the region with a network of 28 hospitals in Malaysia, 2 hospitals in
Jakarta, Indonesia, 1 hospital in Thailand, 1 hospital in Bangladesh and 4 retirement and aged care facilities in Kuala Lumpur, Sibu, Pahang and in
Brisbane, Australia. With more than 3,000 licensed beds, KPJ hospitals offer a comprehensive range of specialist medical services and have treated more
than 3 million patients in 2019.

TOR Building Committee

1. Composition of Member
The Board of Directors shall elect amongst themselves three (3) members to be on the BCM to represent the Board of Directors

2. Secretary
The Secretary of BCM shall be the Company Secretary of the Company.

3. Meeting
BCM shall meet together for the despatch of business, adjourn and otherwise regulate their meetings quarterly.

The Secretary shall, on the request of the members of BCM, summon a meeting. Except in the case of emergency, reasonable notice of every BCM meeting shall be given in writing. The BCM must cause the Secretary to be prepared minutes of all its meetings proper.

Quorum shall be three (3) members

5. Duties and Responsibilities
5.1 Monitor construction projects and /or refurbishment works are implemented according to the budget approved by KPJ Board.
5.2 Ascertain and report to the KPJ Board on projects that are making slow progress and are potentially late for completion.
5.3 Enquire with the Project Manager and Project Consultants on the necessary measures employed to ensure the quality of work and finishes according to the specifications.
5.4 Review the process of awarding tenders for contract work to ensure that the contracts are fair, transparent and full of integrity